Enhancing Yield with SugarCube: Addressing the Critical Cut to Crush Time

Enhancing Yield with SugarCube: Addressing the Critical Cut to Crush Time


In the sugarcane industry, the “cut to crush” time is a crucial determinant of the quality and yield of sugar extracted from the harvested cane. This term refers to the period between when the sugarcane is cut in the fields and when it is crushed at the factory. Reducing this time is essential for maximizing sugar recovery, maintaining juice quality, and minimizing economic losses. SugarCube, a leading sugar ERP solution, offers an integrated approach that effectively addresses this critical aspect, enhancing yield and operational efficiency for its customers.

The Importance of Cut to Crush Time

Maximizing Sugar Recovery

The sucrose content in sugarcane begins to degrade immediately after harvesting due to enzymatic and microbial activities. The longer the cut to crush time, the more sucrose is converted into glucose and fructose, reducing the overall sugar yield. By minimizing this time, sugar mills can maximize sugar recovery, which directly impacts profitability and revenue.

Maintaining Juice Quality and Economic Impact

Prolonged cut to crush time leads to deterioration in juice quality, making it more acidic and increasing impurities. Quick processing ensures that the juice extracted from the cane is of high quality, resulting in superior sugar production. Delays in processing can result in significant economic loss for the sugar mills.

SugarCube’s Integrated Approach

SugarCube’s innovative ERP system takes care of the cut to crush time through an integrated approach, helping companies enhance yield and operational efficiency. The combination of our sugar agronomy mobile APP, logistics planning, and smart weighment is all integrated to address this

Efficient Logistics

SugarCube integrates coordination planning to ensure that harvested cane reaches the factory as quickly as possible. This includes real-time tracking of cane transportation and scheduling to match the mill’s crushing capacity.

Harvest Scheduling

With SugarCube, harvesting schedules are precisely coordinated with the mill’s processing capabilities. This prevents delays and ensures that the cane is processed promptly after harvest.

Bypass System for Late Arrivals

At the factory gate, SugarCube employs a bypass system for cane weighment. Cane arriving late is fast-tracked for weighment and crushing, reducing the cut to crush time significantly. This system ensures that all harvested cane is processed in the shortest possible time, preserving sucrose content and juice quality.

Technological Solutions

SugarCube leverages remote sensing and monitoring technologies to oversee crop conditions and optimize harvesting and transportation logistics. Automated systems enhance the speed and efficiency of delivering cane to the mill.


By addressing the critical cut to crush time, SugarCube significantly improves the yield and efficiency of sugar mills. Its integrated approach, combining logistics, real-time tracking, and an innovative bypass system, ensures that harvested cane is processed quickly and efficiently. This not only enhances sugar recovery and juice quality but also minimizes economic losses, making SugarCube an invaluable tool for the modern sugarcane industry.

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